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A very complete range of courses for all levels and needs, from complete beginners to advanced students, from general courses to our stimulating workshops.

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Available Courses: 29

Standard Courses

1.5 hour class running for 10 weeks.

Available Courses: 27

Intensive Adult Programme

For those wanting to learn a new language faster and jump on a more advanced class the following term!

Available Courses: 1

Conversation Courses

Practise your French in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere, two different days of the week.

Available Courses: 13

DELF Preparation Adults

A course to help you prepare and train for the DELF exams.

No course available for this selection

Thematic Courses

No course available for this selection

French for Travellers

This French for Travellers class focuses on situations that you will most likely encounter when travelling : meeting people, catching a train or ordering in a restaurant...

No course available for this selection

Literacy classes for francophones

Cours de français et séances de tutorat pour les adultes français ou francophones.