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Your previous selection: Themed French workshops September

We will be offering Themed Workshops for Teenagers and Adults during the next School Holidays.

Choose one or more to learn about Climate change and Sustainability, New Caledonian Cuisine or Myths, Fishing, but also Covid-19 and Grammar.

Many themes and slots available. Workshops taught in small classes. 2h sessions, $25 per session, for elementary to advanced students.

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Holiday Themed workshop Larguez les amarres Monday 28 to Tuesday 29 September 10am

Product Code: HOL WRKSHP LAR LES AMAR MON 28 to TUES 29 SEPT 10am 2020

Age Group Adults
Type Thematic Courses
Session 2020 - Themed French workshops September
Level Elementary A2.4
Elementary A2.5
Intermediate B1.1
Intermediate B1.2
Schedules 28 Sep 2020 to 29 Sep 2020
  • Monday and Tuesday - 10:00am to 12:00pm

Learn about over-fishing and micro-plastic pollution in the oceans with several activities and media!

Grammar: express comparison, time and goals

Grammar: express comparison, time and goals
Vocabulary: fishing, sea, merchant marine, environment and plastic pollution.
Workshop duration: 4h
Level: elementary to intermediate

$43.48 NZD
Approx $28.51 USD