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Your previous selection: DELF Adults preparation Holiday Programme April

Get ready for the first DELF exam session for adults on Saturday 8 May.

Enrol in the preparation during the School Holiday Period from Monday 19 April to Friday 30 April.

$25 for 2 hours for one day or $100 for 2 hours for a week.

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2021 DELF Holiday Preparation Programme Adults April Week 2

Product Code: 2021 DELF HOL PREP PROG ADU APR WEEK 2 2021

Age Group Adults
Type DELF Preparation Adults
Session 2021 - DELF Adults preparation Holiday Programme April
Level All levels
Schedules 26 Apr 2021 to 30 Apr 2021
  • Mon ▸ Fri   10am ▸ 12pm

Prepare for the DELF  exam on Saturday 8 May or in November.

You will be given sample papers and work on the 4 skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking to be the best candidate and pass the exam.

$100 a whole week for 2 hours a day
$25 for 2 hours a day

$86.96 NZD
Approx $61.71 USD