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Our Team

Our staff

Isabelle Poff-Pencole
Morgane Ouin
French Teacher

Romane Carre-Falcoz
French Teacher
Florence Beccafichi-Dionisi

Our committee

Corey Taylor,
Hussein Kikhounga-N'got, Vice-President Joanna Hanzi Gillies, Secretary Graeme Gillies,
Shane Rufer,
Committee member
Christine McAlpine,
Committee member
Michael Parton,
Committee member

A word from our President, Matthew Bale

The Alliance Française Palmerston North is proud to contribute to the development and the distribution of the French language – or perhaps more succinctly "le rayonnement de la langue française" – in the Manawatu region. We have an enthusiasm for the cultures of France and the cultures of societies that have adopted French as their "langue maternelle". It is fair to say that we are 100% committed to Francophilia!

Our staff and our committee are indicative of the cultural diversity in the French-speaking world. Some of our native French speakers hail from different corners of France while others come from countries other than France. Some of us have spent considerable time in the French-speaking South Pacific while others have enjoyed extended stays in countries where French is a common second language. Our cultural eclecticism united in Francophilia is a real strength of our organisation.

We are very aware that our activities do not occur in a vacuum. The wonderful community of Palmerston North and the wider Manawatu is our biggest asset and certainly makes our centre as successful as it is.
It is fantastic to see that our events – from our humble monthly Ciné-Club to the annual and opulent Bastille Day dinner - are well attended. Our class numbers and teaching hours have been trending up for a while now and there is a positive correlation between library use and the resources it offers. Unequivocally, community participation is the reason these events are successful.

In conclusion, it is a true privilege to contribute to "le rayonnement de la langue française" in the Palmerston North and Manawatu region. While our committed and eclectic staff and committee are key enablers of our activities, it is the community that we serve that ensures that we are successful. Thank you for allowing us to do all that we do by supporting our events, our language school and our library.