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Corporate Sponsors

The main goal of our welfare, education and cultural programmes is to inspire, encourage and educate people of all ages in the enjoyment of the French language and French-speaking world cultures.

As corporates have long realised, investing in the communities where their employees and customers live and work makes good business sense and the Alliance Française Palmerston North is serious about investing in the future of our community too. Through our passion for the French language and French-speaking world cultures, we bring a breadth of learning and enrichment to the lives of people of all ages, experiences, socio-economic backgrounds, and ethnicity.

The Alliance Française Palmerston North can help companies deliver elements of their Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, through support of our welfare, education and cultural projects.

Charity sponsorship is also a proven and highly effective marketing tool.

What are the benefits for my company?

  •  Increased visibility through brand association with Palmerston North’s only French language and cultural centre
  • A relaxed environment for corporate entertainment
  • Networking with business and community leaders who support the Alliance Française Palmerston North and attend our events
  • Extending your network with decision-makers, politicians and the media
  • Building credible relationships with existing and potential clients
  • Direct access to target audiences
  • Strengthening employee relationships and boosting staff morale with rewards and incentives for employees

What sponsorship opportunities are available?

There are many opportunities for sponsorship of the Alliance Française Palmerston North, including:

  • Principal sponsorship of a national tour with an international guest or artist
  • One-off special event sponsorship
  • Contra sponsorship
  • Equipment sponsorship
  • Education & cultural programme sponsorship
  • Conference talks sponsorship

… and we can tailor special packages to suit your particular requirements.
For more information please contact us today.

Dependent on the type of sponsorship, benefits may include:

  • Advertising/direct marketing opportunities
  • Complimentary tickets
  • Hospitality opportunities
  • The opportunity to invite your sponsored artist to join you, your staff or your clients at a post-event reception
  • Naming rights
  • Logo credit on the Alliance Française Palmerston North website
  • Sponsor credit in promotional material
  • Display of sponsor banner
  • VIP invitations to selected events of the Alliance Française Palmerston North

To find out more about sponsorship opportunities and upcoming projects, please contact us today.

 Our corporate sponsors