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Café Scientifique 12 June 2024 - Public Science Talk Series

Join in for our Café Scientifique!

A free public science talk series at Globe Theatre! Talk in ENGLISH.

Dr Laureen Couzet, research scientist at AgResearch, will be talking about "Moo methane moo problems: How cow burps impact our climate?".

Climate change is a worldwide issue affecting every country. The modifications in climate are already visible: water level rising, major meteorological events, drought…. It was demonstrated that among the greenhouse gases (gases involved in global warming), CO 2 but also methane (CH 4) play an important role. More recently, more effort has been put into decreasing methane production from livestock, involving and impacting farmers. But why are we focusing so much on methane? Where does methane come from? And can we help and support the farmer to achieve their goal? Many scientists in the world are working on this. During the seminar, Dr Crouzet will try to answer these questions and show examples of various research projects that could help us mitigate global warming.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn on a fascinating topic!

The talk will be on Wednesday 12 June at 7 pm.

Licensed bar/café service will be available at the Globe Theatre from 6 pm.

FREE event, donations welcome.