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Online French Film Night -
Les Invisibles

Missing our monthly French Film Night during lockdown? No worries, we're still doing it!

Our next French Film Night will be on Friday 29 May, and this time, we'll be meeting... at your place!

Pour yourself a glass of wine (or juice!) and open Zoom on your laptop. Make sure to be there at 7.45 for a quick video chat with our staff and members; the film will start on your screen at 8 pm!

Movie in French, with English subtitles. This event is free for Alliance Française members.

How to participate? If you are already a member of Alliance, we will send you a link via email on the day of the screening. So if you'd like to join in for the meeting, you'll just need to get your popcorn ready and click on the link!

Not a member yet? You can purchase your membership here.

We look forward to catching up again soon!

Movie synopsis:

When municipal officials decide that a women shelter, “L’Envol,” (“The Takeoff”) is not helping enough people get off the streets and back to work, they shut it down. The managers have to deal with the consequences. They decide to keep it open clandestinely, allowing their girls to stay there overnight while training the women in the day to become confident and functioning members of society. With a riotous sense of humour and sangfroid and cracking lots of jokes without never shying away from the reality of their situations, they will do everything they can for their prestigious come back into society.