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Themed Holiday Workshops

We will be offering NEW Themed Workshops for Teenagers and Adults during the next School Holidays.

Choose one or more to learn about Climate change and Sustainability, New Caledonian Species, Fishing, but also Covid-19, Grammar...  

Many themes and slots available. Workshops taught in small classes. 2 to 8h per workshop, $10 per hour, for elementary to advanced students.

Download the full workshops schedule here.



Discuss the French government's regulations and instructions under Covid-19 and talk about various activities and places. 

Grammar: giving instructions, describing places, imperative tense
Vocabulary: government regulations, activities, homes and places.
Workshop duration: 3h
Level: elementary

Larguez les Amarres ! (Cast Off!)

Learn about over-fishing and micro-plastic pollution in the oceans with several activities and media!

Grammar: express comparison, time and goals
Vocabulary: fishing, sea, merchant marine, environment and plastic pollution.
Workshop duration: 5h
Level: elementary to intermediate

Espèces emblématiques de Nouvelle-Calédonie (New Caledonia's Iconic Species)

Discover and talk about marine species from New Caledonia and neighbouring countries such as Australia. Discuss the causes behind their decline and their symbolic meaning in Kanak culture. 

Grammar: express cause, prohibition, opinion and judgment, comparison, hypothesis, logical connectors and past tenses
Vocabulary: sea animals and their habitat.
Workshop duration: 8h
Level: elementary to intermediate

Tea Kanake

A workshop about a famous New Caledonian myth called Tea Kanake, or the first New Caledonian man. This workshop will focus on past grammar tense and on vocabulary about New Caledonia fauna and flora through different kind of activities.

Grammar: Passé composé
Vocabulary: fauna and flora of New Caledonia
Workshop duration: 2h
Level:End of Elementary to Advanced 

Le changement climatique et ses conséquences dans le Pacifique
Climate Change and Consequences in the Pacific)

Discover New Caledonia's biodiversity and the place held by nature in Kanak culture. Compare with other cultures for which nature occupies a prominent place. 

Grammar: talk about the future, discover and use the simple futur tense, identify and use conditions
Vocabulary: environment, climate change,  cities, nature
Workshop duration: 3h
Level: elementary

La Madeleine de Proust et les temps grammaticaux (Proust's madeleine and grammatical tenses)

Understand the use of different tenses and learn how to talk about your senses and childhood memories with this  workshop is based on an  extract of  "À la Recherche du Temps Perdu" ("In Search of Lost Time"), a very famous literary work by Marcel Proust.

Grammar: tenses, negation 
Vocabulary: memory, senses, childhood
Workshop duration: 2h
Level: elementary to intermediate