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Virtual Conference on French History and Civilisation

Want to learn more about French History and Civilisation?

Join in for "France and Beyond: The Global World of the Ngāti Wīwī - the French", a virtual series of conferences with keynotes, webinars, salons and panels by the Joint Society for French Historical Studies Conference and George Rudé Seminar in French History and Civilization.

Free online event over 4 weeks, from 7 to 31 July 2020. Two or three live events each week. Links for the live sessions will be distributed on H-France in the week preceding the event. Live events are on a first come basis with no need to register to attend.

The Conference address for the H-France Salon can be found at:

All Alliance Française members are invited to attend all webinars, and especially encouraged to watch the special Bastille Day Keynote “Emotions, Democracy and the Laboratory of the Revolutionary Years 1789 - 1996" by Sophie Wahnich on Wednesday 15 July 8 am NZ time.

Link to the zoom conference by Sophie Wahnich:

Download the full conference programme.

Support the conference

If you want to support this conference, you can make a donation to help with operating costs and the editing of the Rudé Society’s journal French History and Civilization by clicking here.

If you wish to contribute directly to the George Rudé Society, please contact David Garrioch via email:

Funds beyond operating costs will be shared to support the SFHS, the Rudé Society, and H-France.